In 2013, HAPSA hosted a hand hygiene project with children in Nepal and India. In Ghumar Chowk, we focused the programs to  the students and the teachers of Shree Ugratara Secondary School. Similarly, a program was conducted in a orphanage located in Kathmandu, Sonrisa Orphanage. In India, HAPSA worked with Sivanand Rehabilitation Home in Hyderabad. Videos of work from Ghumar Chowk and Sonrisa Orphanage can be found below. Images from these projects are also available.  Many great thanks to all the supporters and helpers during these projects. Hem Sarita Pathak Academy, and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Follow up to the Nepal project was conducted in 2014 by 3 UT Southwestern Medical School students.

Video of HAPSA Hand Washing Campaign in Ghumar Chowk, Summer, 2013

Video of HAPSA Hand Washing Campaign in Sonrisa Orphanage, Summer 2013

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