Nebulization services was recently introduced in the community based Ghumarchowk Health Center, Ghumarchowk, Ward no. 8, Shankarapur Municipality, Kathmandu that is being run with the support of HAPSA Nepal. With the onset of heavy monsoon in the last two months, cases of viral fever have been on the rise. A total of 44 patients, both adults and children, were diagnosed with viral fever with persistent cold and cough in the past month.

Increase in number of visitors in the health center due to viral fever, cough and cold


With the introduction of nebulization services, people in Ghumarchowk now have access to better treatment techniques rather than just relying on anti-biotics. On top of that, they don’t have to walk for an hour downhill to reach Sankhu bazaar to reach the nearest hospital. Hence, they do not have to allocate an entire day from their schedule just to see a medical practitioner for timely treatment.

 Ghumarchowk Community Health Center’s HA Ambika Thing nebulizing a child for faster healing of viral fever and cough

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