Jajarkot Earthquake Relief

A month ago, the devastating 6.4 magnitute earthquake struck Jarjarkot, killing150+ lives and  impacting about 40000 families in the Western Nepal and posing ongoing challenges the humanity. The earthquake not only affected the epicenter but also the neighboring districts including, Rukum Paschhim and Purba, Salyan, Rolpa, Nawarparasi, Dailekh, Dang, Baitadi, Jumla, kalikot, Pyuthan, and Achham. The disaster claimed over 100 lives and rendered more than 300 individuals injured.

In the aftermath, in addition to loosing shelters, the community is facing significant challenges related to sanitation, quality of life, and overall health. Displaced communities are residing in makeshift shelters, making them vulnerable to respiratory problems, diarrheal diseases, poor sanitation, water and food crises, and various other complex physical and mental health burdens. It is imperative to monitor and understand the on-going health situation of the affected area during this difficult times. Additionally, it is crucial to plan and implement strategies to prevent post-disaster disease outbreaks and deterioration in the quality of life for those communities.

These places have faced acute cholera epidemics in the past and are vulnerable to any kinds of contaminated diseases. Therefore, we at HAPSA designed Post Disaster Sanitation Kit to the affected communities with a specific focus on the sanitation and hygiene needs. Each sanitation kit comprises of a kit bag containing a soap, 100 ml sanitizer, 60 ml water purifier, 5 masks, 14 sanitary pads,4 tooth brushes and a 100gm toothpaste for a family. These kits are carefully curated to meet the immediate needs of the affected families and to ensure sanitation and hygiene.  As of now, we have successfully delivered over 1000 sanitation kits to the affected families through our local distribution partners and with the help of collaborating organizations like Nepal Rising for 500 kits and rest by Gofundme campaign led by Dr. Ramu Kharel, founder of HAPSA from the USA.

With our unwavering dedication to providing crucial relief, we have set an ambitious goal of reaching at least 40,000 families in the coming days, recognizing the urgency and scale of the challenges faced by the people. We invite and encourage potential partners, organizations, and individuals with shared vision to help people in dire need. Your support and collaborative efforts can definitely make a meaningful difference in rebuilding and restoring the lives of the affected individuals.

KIt Item Details:



Kit Bag






Water Guard




Sanitary Pad