About Us

What is HAPSA?

HAPSA is a non-profit organization that has been working to strengthen health system in Nepal, be it through improving primary health care service or through public health improvement in coordination with the government bodies. HAPSA members are young professionals from around the world who care about just, equitable health services for all. HAPSA is guided by its values to the cores. Our innovative model enhances government health services by fostering community participation and directly supporting health facility staff.

HAPSA is a 501C3 registered organization in the United States, and HAPSA Nepal is registered as an NGO in Nepal as well. HAPSA directly supports its sister organization HAPSA Nepal on the ground.

Our Vision:

To ensure that the public have effective access to the primary healthcare services they need.

Our Mission:

To promote community-centric health advancement programs in Nepal by facilitating local self-advocacy, partnering with the government, and coordinating technical and material support.

Our Mission

Our Mission is guided by our key values:

  1. We value high quality health services for all.
  2. We prioritise patient and community-centric services
  3. We believe that it is government’s responsibility to financially protect its citizens from out of pocket health expenditures.
  4. We value the necessity of spreading information about citizen health rights at local level.
  5. We value health education and awareness as major players in making the next generation healthy.
  6. We believe in  multi-sectoral approach to promoting health awareness and health services.
  7. We highly value integration of our services and community members with the government to foster community centric health system at the local level.
  8. We respect all members of our organization, society and key partners, and embrace full diversity of our members’ background and experiences.
  9. We cultivate ethical approach to all aspects of our work.
  10. We value independent thinking, innovative approaches and fluidity in our processes.

Our Team


Dr. Ramu Kharel


Brown University, USA


Pankaj Bhattarai

MBA, School of Management Tribhuvan University (SOMTU)


Dr. Shristi Singh 

MBBS, Kathmandu Medical College

MPH, Mahidol University, Thailand


Dr. Samriddha Raj Pant

MBBS, IOM. Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DIMM) Medical Officer, Epidemiology and Disease Control Division.


Dr. Bishad Dahal

MBBS, Institute of Medicine


Dr. Diwakar Subedi

MBBS, Institute of Medicine



Jyoti Gautam

Registered Nurse, Teaching Hospital